cloneNode !! what & why

Hi people, Today we are gonna look at the clone node method of the node object in JavaScript. So the plain concept behind is to copy any div, as it is ( or any other tag using element id or className or querySelector, etc ). Then you need to pass boolean value for the same... Continue Reading →


Array Sort in JavaScript

Hi Readers, Today I'm here with a small article on array sort(); This method of array "Sorts" the array and gives back sorted array. For example now the above seems to be ok, I mean it does perform the way it should be right? Let us see one more example below Ok now, what the hell,... Continue Reading →

Pure Components in React

Hello Devs, Today I've created this small article on Pure Components of react. Before going deep into why to use them lets first understand what they are. When I say Pure Components what I really mean is I'm using these Pure Components in place of just the Component from the react (remember the { Component import... Continue Reading →

React Life Cycle – The very basic

Hi People, I've been getting few requests on React Lifecycle these days and would like to give you all a small "theoretical" understanding of it. What is RLC and whats the use of it? If you google for the react life cycle you will get a lot of articles telling what are they like CompomnentDidMount, render,... Continue Reading →

React component, what, how and why!!

Hi Fellow Developers, I've been working with react recently and trust me its an awesome library of JS. So today I'm going to posting this small article on backbone of React which is component. 1 ) What is Component Component is an essential part of React and look closely the UI part of this article.... Continue Reading →

WebRTC all you need to know

Hi All, I’ve been getting a lot of request from the users regarding how webRTC (Real-Time Communication) works. Well having worked in the same field, I can say its pretty easy. It wasn't so in earlier days when for android 3.0, input type overload was introduced which was “accept” and “capture” <input type="file" accept="image/*;capture=camera"> It was available... Continue Reading →

Arrow Functions!!!!

So , its been close to a week now with react js. So there are few es6 which I'm getting used to these days. The most important here is arrow functions ( => ) . Hence I've created this post to make you all understand how an arrow function is and when to be used... Continue Reading →

JavaScript Functions vs Methods

Hi Folks, Today I’m gonna talk abut a major issue which is faced young JS developers which is what is the main difference between functions and methods. Well, there is a pretty basic answer to it. But for this you should have a good knowledge of JS, objects to be specific. A function we can... Continue Reading →

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